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Natural Hair Stylist & Licensed Cosmetologist


Tonika Outerbridge

6500 Old Branch Ave Second Floor Suite 206

Temple Hills, MD

Hours: Friday & Saturday

9:00 am to 7:00 pm


Appointment only


Tonika's Natural hair salon services include:

High quality natural hair styling services and classes, appointment only services so there is no waiting, last minute appointments available, one set price for all natural hair styles without extensions no matter the length, services performed by professional licensed cosmetologists that specialize in natural hair care, braiding, or weaving, high quality hair products to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, a complimentary deep conditioner included with your natural hair service, complimentary trim with your hair styling service, Tonika also offers exclusive nayural hair memberships.

Tonika's natural hair salon services specializes in:  Natural hair styles, healthy hair treatments, locs, twists, braids, cornrows, kinky/ curly cuts, twist extensions /kinky twist, kinky weaves, wash and go styling, twist out, custom kinky wigs, hair color




I absolutely love the quality, style, professionalism, and creativity of my favorite stylist Tonika.For the past 16 years I have been satisfied with her outstanding services.Not only does she have exceptional business savvy,but her personality is warm friendly and therapeutic.


I started going to see Tonika for braids. I usually don't expect much when I make an appt for braids. I assume I can't fail with standard box braids. Instead, I received braids styled uniquely to my desire and awesome customer service. She shared with me, the same day, natural hair style options that may be of interest to me. I booked another appointment. Since that first encounter over a year ago, I have sported several unique natural hairstyles. She's also my personal stylist and my interior decorator. Tonika is a rare commodity. She is able to assess your personal uniqueness and help you develop your individual brand. It's been a blessing having her by my side.


It was such a joy to have Tonika in my hair! She's warm and charming and made my hair look so cute and healthy. She took the time to explain what she was doing and what I should do to maintain it. I highly recommend her for natural hairstyles and I'll definitely go back.


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