Is It Time to Trim?

Every couple days we get a client who says......"Do I need a trim?" and most of the time the answer is, yes! Why because hair needs to be trimmed at least four times per year. Yes, FOUR! We realize this may be a scary number however nothing is more scary then coming in to the salon with hair down your back and have to get your hair cut up to your shoulders because your hair has not been trimmed in three years.

Fact: If you do not trim your hair you will get split ends.

Split ends are normal and can cause a lot of damage if not taken care of. They are also known to stunt growth. This is why it is suggested to trim your hair every few months to shed the split ends and reveal healthy looking hair that is easier to maintain.

Why did my stylist trim so much!?

A lot of times when a stylist trims our hair it does not matter if they took off a half an inch or 3 inches if you have an attachment to your hair and are passionate about growing your hair it will feel like you are back at twa BUT your not. Instead of worrying about the length worry about the health of your hair and find comfort in the fact that hair grows!

So when do I actually get the trims?

We suggest to our clients to get a trim at the change of the season. That's perfect right? So there is

summer, fall, winter, and spring that is four times a year you should be asking for a little trim. The more you trim your hair on that schedule, the more you will realize that your hair is flourishing.

I really don't want to trim it, do I have to?

No, if you feel scared or hesitant take a moment and think about what you want for yourself. We are sure

you will come to the conclusion that healthy hair is more important than long, damaged hair and be ready for your trim in no time!

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