Rinses vs Permanent Color

Coloring natural hair is a question that comes up often for natural beauties. It usually starts with "I am tired of the same ol' look, I want to do something different." The different is usually a color, red, blonde, auburn or even jet black! Color is fun and why not experiment with it! The color of your hair can make you look like a completely different person. Whether it's younger, edgier or just unique.

Today in the "Color Zone" we are going to discuss the differences between a rinse and a permanent color. Now, I know many of you can think of quite a few differences but below you will find the main reason that we want you all to consider before deciding to get a rinse.

Note: Even if you are getting a rinse it is considered A CHEMICAL!

The differences between the two are lasting power and damage.

Rinses are temporary and have to be used consistently on the whole head for the color to stay the same. Depending on the person's hair, chemicals/products in their hair, and medications they using hair rinses may not work for you. We like our color clients to know is that rinses can be more damaging than permanent color. How? The rinse is adding chemicals to the entire head consistently over time. This process can be more damaging than using a permanent color once.

Although you will find a lot of research saying chose the semi-permanent rinse over the permanent color always remember that consistent alterations to your hair's natural makeup are what ultimately causes irreversible damage.

Zamora Talk:

What's your color preference semi-permanent or permanent?

What is your favorite hair color?

What should we discuss next in the "Color Zone"?

Remember to look around the site there are lots of goodies, tidbits of info, and fun things to do you may be interested in! Zamoranaturalhair.com

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