Natural Hair Care Tips For Men With Locs

Okay guys, be honest, how much do you really care about your locs? Do spend more time on your hair than your girlfriend does? Are your buddies also giving you a hard time because you’ve got to have your hair right for the big game? Or do you just like for your hair to look nice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading.

1. Shampoo & Conditioner A good shampoo for locs has four basic characteristics, it cleanses the hair of oil and debris, it works in hard and soft water, it does not irritate the skin, and it leaves your locs and scalp in natural good looking condition. You might not want to use a conditioner, because you’re a guy, but you should! Many conditioners contain lanolin, vegetable oil, proteins, and herbs, and they are designed to restore natural oils and moisturize the hair. Apply conditioner to locs then rinse.

2. Styling I always believe less is more when it comes to twisting or maintaining locs. The end product, when you have finished styling should never look frizzy or packed with black gel. Pomades and twisting gel created for locs work well to keep your hair in place.Don't forget to tie your hair

3. Finishing

Finding a good natural hair oil can be a challenge for some, but once you have a product you like stick to it and use it. Apply natural hair oil a couple times during the week and apply a light sheen every day to add luster and sheen to your locs.


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