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Our Mission

 We are bringing entrepreneurial skills to young people all over the world for free who want to build businesses in the hair, beauty, and fashion industry. The cost of any education can be high anyway, but for those low-income families who want to pursue passions in the beauty industry it can seem like a dream to be able to pay for formal education. I know for my self, for colleagues, and for students hairstyling, barbering, doing makeup, or sewing saved our lives. It kept some of us off welfare. Some of us stayed out of jail. Some of us were freed from a harmful situation because we found our gift and our talent.

We are able to be independent contractors or business owners as we build our self-esteem & self-confidence. 

For every class purchased we are able to enroll 2 students ages 13 to 26. 

My Goal Moving forward

  • Open up training centers in NYC, MD, LA, Miami, & the Caribbean

  • Offer Courses in cosmetology, make up/ skincare, & fashion design

  • Offer free housing and meals to students

Become a volunteer

  • Natural hair or braid instructor

  • Fundraisers

  • Social media marketing

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Become a sponsor

  • Sell your products on our site (coming soon)

  • Teach a workshop

  • Get featured on the podcast

  • Submit blogs

  • Banner on website

  • Email campaigns

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