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How to Take Hair Photos For Instagram

As a natural hairstylist having an Instagram feed full of beautiful photos is crucial. Why? Clients come to you because they want to look good. You’ve got to take the initiative and show them how you can make them look good. Instagram gives you a simple platform with a large reach to do this. However, your natural hair photography has to turn heads or you’ll get lost among the beautiful photos streaming through clients’ feeds. Keep reading for some killer tips on how to photograph your work in the best light and attract more clients. 1. Get Permission Most of your clients will be happy to let you use photos of their hair on your Instagram, especially once you show them how amazing it looks!

What Exactly is a Loctician

Natural hair is so on trend right now, and we’re loving it! We love to see people embracing their differences and being proud of what makes them unique. If you’re new to the natural hairstyling world, you may never have heard of a loctician. If you’re scratching your head at that new word, then come along with us as we explain what a loctician does, why you might need one, and how to become one. Let’s dive in! What Is a Loctician? First up, what on earth is a loctician? Locticians are experts in dreadlocks. They help clients through the process of dreadlocking their hair. Contrary to what some people think, creating dreadlocks is not simply a matter of not washing your hair and twisting it i

Start a Home Braiding Business

f you’re passionate about helping others find their confidence, it might interest you to start a braiding business from home. It’s a great s

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