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How to Find The Perfect Natural Hair Client!

Welcome back to The Natural Hair Chronicles Blog! Last week we were discussing how to find your perfect Natural Hair Stylist. This week's topic is how to find your perfect client! Sometimes as stylist it feels like you don't have options when it comes to who your clients are but you do! Start by asking yourself "What kind of clients do I want?". Do you want the business women, the party girl, the friend, the celebrity? Everything is possible but first you need to match your business to your client. Think about your location (at home, salon, surrounding cities), your hours, your price, and your decor, and does it match the client you want. For instance, the party girl needs late hours on Frid

How To Find The Perfect Natural Hair Stylist

Finding a natural hair stylist is not hard, but finding YOUR natural hair stylist can be a headache for sure. Below are some tips on things you need to do and questions you need to ask to find your Natural Hair Stylist Match. 1. Search for a natural hair stylist on google and on Instagram! Instagram and google are great ways to see a natural hair stylist's work and to get to know them as a person. On google people will leave reviews that give you a peek into a stylist's professional behavior and on Instagram you will see the stylist's portfolio. 2. Go to a consultation. Now we know that many naturalistas are against consultations but there isn't a better way to get to know a natural hair sty

How to Care For Box Braids

Box Braids Baby!! Wear them in the summer, wear them in the​​ winter, wear them all year long!! We love a good box braid style. Why?! Because it is convenient, protective, and #alwaystrending! The question of the day is How do I care for my box braids? Have you ever had braids and thought I will NEVER EVER EVER do that again by the time you took them out! Well, I am here to help you understand how to care for box braids so you don't feel that way. Here are 4 key things you need to know when getting box braids. 1. Protect your edges SIS With box braids being a great protective styles but also a high tension style you have to be aware of how you wear them. Try not wear your hair tight ponytail

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