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Why Aren't My Products Working!? (pt 1)

Some times when we are doing our hair and things aren't going our way we add product but not just product, PRRRRROOOOOOODDDDUUUUUCCCCCTTTTTTTTT! We go from a drop, to a dime size, to a quarter size, to the WHOLE DOLLAR! This is a problem because then you are left with tons of product that weighs down your hair. The product goes from something that enhances your style to something that makes your hair look limp and lifeless. How do we solve this? Use less product! Of course your thinking, "Duh, this is a waste of time." however, stylist and clients alike often use too much product when styling hair. The products that get over used the most are leave-in creams, oil, and gel! If you haven't eve

Can You Grow Your Edges Back?

Every year we hear more and more about the edges struggle. Personally, I've had the issue for years now due to excessive lacefront wig addiction. Today, I want to discuss bringing your edges "back to life, back to reality". I know you are reading this thinking I know she is going to plug a product with their brand and I AM. #sorrynotsorry. I am only plugging the product because it works! I have worked at for Zamora for 2 years now and just started using the product a month ago! It is the Healing Oil Treatment and it has brought my edges back! How to use the treatment! What I do is apply the treatment with a dropper along my edges. Focus on the parts of the edges without hair and in front of

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