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Dandruff! Does Everyone Have It?!

This quick blog is more of an educational statement. We recently had a few students at Zamora Natural Hair and Braiding School mention dandruff. They asked why does everyone have dandruff? We started thinking to ourselves most people probably think that everyone has dandruff and we should clear things up! EVERYONE DOES NOT HAVE DANDRUFF Dandruff is medically known as pityriasis and is similar to a rash. It is often confused with product build-up, dry skin, and normal skin cell shedding however, dandruff has very different characteristics. Dandruff is hard, large, visible flakes that often appear scaly. Having dandruff is considered a scalp disorder and treatment is required for relief. To tr

Learn To Do Natural Hair!

So you've been thinking about Natural Hair day and night, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs (like this one) and doing your best to figure out how to perfect styling natural hair! We have a solution for you! Natural Hair Classes! Our affordable Natural Hair and Braiding Classes are available for students worldwide! We have an online course that will help you perfect your styling technique, teach you about hair loss, and more! Our in-person classes are amazing! You will get hands-on instruction by Tonika our Master Stylist and Instructor. She has a history of teaching people who have never braided before how to braid and even do extensions! Learn more about our classes HERE!

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