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3 Part Series on Damage: Heat Damage

Heat Damage is one of the main issues we see in our salon! Many of our naturalistas want to be natural and stray away from the chemicals however they still want to have straight styles. In order to accomplish these styles they use heat styling tools like blow-dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot combs. Although they are not using chemicals they are still causing major damage. How do I know I have heat damage? If you often use heat styling tools on high heat you may start to notice that even when your curly hair is wet it is limp and stringy towards the ends. You hair will begin to look more permed than natural while wet and even in natural styles. This is heat damage. Can I reverse hea

What's Causing Your Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is a sensitive subject for any woman. Sometimes we see things happening in our hair and have no clue why. Today, we are going to give you 5 reasons behind the hair loss you may be experiencing. We hope that knowing some of these reasons will influence you to visit a hair stylist or dermatologist that can help you to repair the damaged or balding areas of your hair or influence you to stop whatever it is you may be doing that is affecting your hair loss. Number 1: Stress We want to start where most people end when discussing hair loss. Stress! It is important to attract positivity, light, and balance into your life. When surrounding yourself with negativity, darkness, and chaos your

Should I get the Big Chop?

The big chop can be the scariest and most empowering decision a natural or transitioning woman makes about her hair. Many of us ask ourselves a few questions while considering the big chop like "Am I going to like it?" "Will everyone else like it?" and "Do I need it?". Today we are going to address these questions and give you three signs you need the big chop. First let's talk about the question of if everyone else is going to like it...Put that out of your mind girl! Often times women come into our shop saying things like "..but my husband" or "I want to but my friend said.." listen ladies, you have to live for you! You are fabulous and your hair does not define you plus if you want it, go

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