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Natural Hair Styles: The Mohawk

As much as I loved my last natural hair style from Zamora, I love this one even more. A mohawk seems like a pretty simple style. Yet I have tried and failed, on many an occasion, to pull it off. My long, loose curls flop everywhere, covering the “shaved” sides, while the bobby pins can hardly hold the look in place. Ah the curse of the floppy fro! Well, I’ve found the antidote in Zamora. The secret to getting my mohawk to work? Obviously I can’t give away all the styling magic. However, I will say it was mostly through a mix of hidden bantu knots to control the length of the loose hair, and flat twists to smooth down the volume at the sides: The result was a modern “twist” (pun intended) on

7 Tips to Prep for Your Natural Hair Salon Visit

Maryland natural hair salons like Zamora can be exciting places of transformation, or calming and relaxing environments for renewal--or even both! Hair stylists can certainly boost your mood and self image and leave you with a fun new look. However, we sometimes get the idea that our stylist has sole responsibility for the appearance and health of our hair. As the natural hair community grows, many of us are learning how to take better control of our hair care and ensure we get the results we want. This entails certain responsibilities that will maximize the health of our hair and ensure we get our money’s worth at the natural hair salon. Follow these seven tips to prep for your next visit t

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair!

Well after 2 weeks (fifteen days to be exact) I had my “twist takedown” and my flat twists on natural hair are gone. I’m kind of sad and part of me misses the cute styles and the convenience of ready-to-wear hair. But another part of me is ready to be done with the flat twists and let my curls run free. On an extremely hot July day, I found myself at a rooftop pool party in desperate need of a cool down. As I fully submerged my head in the perfect-temperature water, I thought “There is no way I’m missing this for hair.” Even island girls need some much-needed relief from the heat. I must speak to the way this weather affected my do. As I mentioned in last week’s video, my hairs get loose pre

First Appointment: Part II

Hi all. Just to give you a quick update on the new look. I’ve been wearing my hair like this about a week and I’ve taken to experimenting with a few styles: a top knot and a more classic, pulled back look with some floral accessories. I styled my hair in this latter look for a ladies’ tea I attended. The look has proven surprisingly versatile, which is one thing I love about natural hair. I still haven’t bought a shower cap (haven’t owned one of those for a while) and have been using a plastic bag instead. Will probably take the braids out next week since there’s a pool party I’d like to attend. Can’t get it wet! Now this week, I want to focus more on my salon experience at Zamora, as last w

First Appointment: Part 1

I finally had my first appointment witha Zamora Natural Hair Stylist, Tonika in Temple Hills, MD and can I tell you I love my look? To start off, let me say there were a lot of interesting things going on at the salon-- plenty of inspiration for the writer. The second I got there, chatting and opening up felt very natural. As Tonika will readily tell you, the hair business is very psychological, and putting clients at ease seems to come naturally for a 25 year vet. Tonika graciously answered all of my nagging questions--What brand is that product? Where did you learn that? How long will this take? What does this ingredient do?-- I could go on and on about this experience, but I’ll focus, in

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