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Natural Hair Care Tips For Red Heads

Red hair can be some of the most beautiful and obviously unique colors you can get. Some of the most beautiful mythical characters had red hair; particularly folklore from Ireland, even reading about the hair color is vivid in one’s mind. Whether you are a natural red head, or colored (don’t worry we won’t tell) great natural hair care is essential for this particular color. You want your hair to be shiny and rather than a drab color, you want it to flicker like a flame or the shiny red apple that tempted Adam, maybe Eve was a redhead. 1. Choose the Right Color If you are a natural red head than you probably have a paler skin tone, but for those darker skin tones Make sure that you acc

Kinky Curly Natural Hair Advice

Number one rule for Natural hair: love it! It always amazes me when people with naturally curly hair don’t completely love it. So many women go to drastic measures to get straight hair when they have something so wonderful already. Constantly straightening your hair with a flat iron can cause significant heat damage, and can also make your natural hair permanently straight. 1. Just Love It! Your naturally curly hair is beautiful. Whether it is long, short, tight curls, or loose waves, you have many straight haired women wishing they had just a little of your kink! Long natural hair, especially when healthy can be extremely attractive. Men often incorporate sexiness with hair and consi

Easy Steps for Caring for Your Natural Hair

Want to know some of the easiest steps for caring for your natural hair? Let go! Try letting go of a few of your hair products, or routines and give your hair a break! 1. Go Natural One of the best things you can do to care for your hair is to let your hair breathe, just a little. Try it for a week, or even just a day and see if you like the result. Think about it, you pull, and blow dry and heat your natural hair, everyday, imagine what those weak little hairs go through! Do not let yourself go while you do this, in fact, you might want to highlight your features by spending the extra time on a new makeup style, maybe a bold eye with a nude lip. Continue to shampoo your hair, and if

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