Natural Hair Services at Zamora Natural Hair  

All styling services include shampoo & conditioner


Student days are Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday


You can also schedule an appointment with a master stylist on Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday 


Basic Consultation:  Student $12... Stylist $25

Seek advice and or information for a particular style or treatment. 


Hair Loss Consultation: Student $72... Stylist $145

Coming Spring 2017


Loc Maintenance: Student $37... Stylist $75

Locs‎ are palm rolled with a water soluble gel to give a perfect slender cylinder loc


Starter Locs: Student $37... Stylist $75

Depending on length and texture will determine whether we start your locs with double twists. Single twists or braids


Loc Repair: Student $35... Stylist $70

Your locs can be saved if they are thinning or breaking. Price is for one session and does not included added hair


Wet Twists: Student $35 Stylist $75/ Dry Twists Student $42 Stylist $85 ( blown out)

You can chose double twists, which is done with two strands of hair or a single twists (sometimes called coils) which is done with one strand of hair


Cornrows: Student $35-$42... Stylist $75-$85

Basic cornrows without extensions can be done in various styles


Twist Out: Student $35... Stylist $75

Hair is twisted or flat twisted wet, dried, and then untwisted to give a crimped affect


Rod Set: Student $35...Stylist $75

Natural hair is set on rods to give a curly fro affect


Micro Twists: Student $42...Stylist $85

Mini twists allow for more fullness and a unique look


Shampoo and Style (Wash and Go)Student $35... Stylist $75

We manipulate your natural curl to style your hair naturally


Individual Braids: Student $35 -$42... Stylist $75-$85

Your hair is braided without extensions


Cut: Student $12...Stylist $25

Hair is cut to achieve desired look


Shampoo and Cut: Student $25..Stylist $45


Shampoo and Blowout: Student $15...Stylist $25

Does not include style


Pin up/ Up Do: Student $12... Stylist $25

Style your braids, locs, or twists for a night out. This is an add on to your styling services


Wig Care: Student $12...Stylist $25

Drop your wig off to get it shampooed and/or repaired


Kinky/ Curly / Straight Weave: Student $100... Stylist $200

Hair is cornrowed to prep for a full sew in weave. You must have a consultation before receiving service. Price does not include hair


Braids or Weave Removal: Student $40...Stylist $85

All added hair is removed. Price does include shampoo and blow dry. no style


Twist Extensions/ Kinky Twists/ Faux Locs: Student $100... Stylist $200

Kinky‎ hair is added to individual twists to give more fullness and/ or length. Can be done with human or synthetic hair. You must have a consultation before making appointment. Price does not include hair


Custom Kinky/ Curly Wigs: Student $92... Stylist $200

We will create the perfect natural looking wig for you. Color and texture is all customized for you. Price includes hair


Crochet: Student $92...Stylist $185

Added hair is attached through your cornrowed hair with a series of knots using a latch hook crotchet tool. Can be done with Human or synthetic hair. Price does not include hair


Treatments $15


Add On: Student $12... Stylist $25

Add a rod set, crimps, curls, or up do to your service