Natural Hair Services at Zamora Natural Hair  

6500 Old Branch Ave Second Floor Suite 206

Temple Hills, MD 20748

You may tip in cash, but we do not accept cash for services.

Credit & debit cards only

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If you are unsure of the style you want please book a consultation a couple of days before your desired appointment

Service Hours

Tuesday 10 -7

Wednesday 10-7

Thursday 10-7

Friday 10-7

Saturday 10-7

Sunday 2-5

Walk ins are not available but you can book a last minute appoitnment

All natural hair styling services by sudents are $42 and stylists are $85 includes shampoo & conditioner treatment of your choice.


You can schedule an appointment with a stylist or a student


Basic Consultation:   Stylist $25

Seek advice and or information for a particular style or treatment. 


Hair Loss Consultation: Student $72... Stylist $145

Coming Spring 2020


Loc Maintenance: Student $42... Stylist $85

Locs‎ are palm rolled with a water soluble gel to give a perfect slender cylinder loc


Starter Locs: Student $42... Stylist $85

Depending on length and texture will determine whether we start your locs with double twists. Single twists or braids


Loc Repair: Student $12... Stylist $25

Your locs can be saved if they are thinning or breaking. Price is for one session and does not included added hair


Wet & Dry Twists: Student $42 Stylist $85

You can chose double twists, which is done with two strands of hair or a single twists (sometimes called coils) which is done with one strand of hair


Cornrows: Student $42-$85

Basic cornrows without extensions can be done in various styles


Twist Out: Student $42... Stylist $85

Hair is twisted or flat twisted wet, dried, and then untwisted to give a crimped affect


Rod Set: Student $42...Stylist $85

Natural hair is set on rods to give a curly fro affect


Micro Twists (styled wet): Student $42...Stylist $85

Mini twists allow for more fullness and a unique look


Shampoo and Style (Wash and Go)Student $42... Stylist $85

We manipulate your natural curl to style your hair naturally


Individual Braids: Student $42... Stylist $85

Your hair is braided without extensions

Shampoo and Blowout: $35

Does not include style


Pin up/ Up Do: Student $12... Stylist $25

Style your braids, locs, or twists for a night out. This is an add on to your styling services


Wig Care: Student $12...Stylist $25

Drop your wig off to get it shampooed and/or repaired


Kinky/ Curly / Straight Weave: Student $75... Stylist $150

Hair is cornrowed to prep for a full sew in weave. You must have a consultation before receiving service. Price does not include hair


Braids or Weave Removal: Student $42...Stylist $85

All added hair is removed. Price does include shampoo and blow dry. no style


Twist Extensions/ Kinky Twists/ Faux Locs: Student $99... Stylist $150

Kinky‎ hair is added to individual twists to give more fullness and/ or length. Can be done with human or synthetic hair. You must have a consultation before making appointment. Price does not include hair


Custom Kinky/ Curly Wigs: Student $99... Stylist $150

We will create the perfect natural looking wig for you. Color and texture is all customized for you. Price includes hair


Crochet: Student $52...Stylist $95

Added hair is attached through your cornrowed hair with a series of knots using a latch hook crotchet tool. Can be done with Human or synthetic hair. Price does not include hair


Treatments $25


Add On: Student $12... Stylist $25

Add a rod set, crimps, curls, or up do to your service