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Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Your Children


Deep down, nearly every one of us wants to be an entrepreneur. However, forgoing your weekly paycheck to follow your true passion takes lots of self-confidence. Many of us lack that confidence. Therefore, a great portion of our lives may be spent working to build someone else's wealth.

If that confidence was instilled within us at a younger age, we might all have the courage to open up a business. Give your children the opportunity to truly be in charge of their lives by encouraging a sense of entrepreneurship in their youth.

Encouraging entrepreneurship within your children can teach them to be:

  • Self-sufficient

  • An effective leader

  • A strong decision maker

  • Confident in their ideas and ability to succeed


Raising an entrepreneur is more than telling your child to make money; it's about telling them to go against the crowd and follow their own intuition. Since many parents have instilled this sense of confidence in their children, the sight of self-made wealthy teens is becoming more and more common.


When encouraging entrepreneurship within your children, the only thing you have to fear is the embarrassment of declaring that your 15-year-old earns a higher yearly income than you!



Lexi P is a hair care entrepreneur, author, independent publisher and

sought-after motivational speaker. A young entrepreneur who overcame

her struggles and learnt to love her own naturally beautiful coils, she is an

advocate for building self-confidence and empowering teens to find

self-esteem through natural beauty. Furthermore, Lexi P. is the author of

The Ice Cream Talk: Loving The Skin You’re In and the widely

popular Curly Girls Love Your Curls.

As an award-winning teenpreneur, Lexi P has been featured on Good

Morning Washington, Black Enterprise, V-103 Atlanta and Essence

Magazine to name a few. She has partnered with Verizon to promote youth

careers in STEM and entrepreneurship and she is a member and mentor of

girls through Girl Scouts of America. Her monthly journal subscription

shares motivational stories, insights into her many adventures and

guides on how to build confidence and empower young girls looking to

unlock their potential and pursue their dreams. 

Visit her website


Raising a Young Entrepreneur

Teaching your children about entrepreneurship need not require a fat pocket. In fact, the basis of an entrepreneurial mindset is self-sufficiency. Therefore, children can come up with the money to start the business through their own efforts.

Once your child has invested time, effort, and their own money into their business startup, they are more likely to see it through and become successful business owners.


At Zamora they'll learn every aspect of doing hair and will get guidance each step of the way and we’ll be able tweak their business until it becomes profitable. When your child embraces failure as a learning experience rather than a collapse, you'll begin to see a flourishing entrepreneur growing before your eyes.


You can encourage entrepreneurship within your kids by teaching them that:


  • Any idea is a valid business idea

  • Failure is okay as long as you keep improving

  • A profitable business requires continuous learning and tweaking

  • Creativity is what counts

  • Being innovative makes you stand out from your competitors


We teach teens to be resilient and keep moving forward toward their dreams. At Zamora we encourage them to seek greater levels of success. Along the way, continue to promote self-sufficiency, independent thinking, and confidence. With these three traits, success is theirs for the taking!


What we Teach

  • Shampoo & blow dry

  • Rod set natural hair

  • Double twist wet & dry

  • Twist out

  • Flat twists

  • Braids with & without extensions

  • Cornrows with & without extensions (feed-ins)

  • Locs

  • Weaves

  • Wig making

  • Crochet

  • Twist extensions/kinky twists

  • Faux locs/ goddess locs/ silky locs

  • Social media marketing

  • Business management

Summer Program Details


  • March 22, 2021

  • $500

  • Ages 13 to 19

  • Self Paced

  • Live online classes on Saturdays

  • Does not include supplies

WOW!!! I  Zamora's is awesome! Tonika and her team are the best. My daughter is a young CEO with a natural hair line, Curlanistas. Tonika coached and mentored my daughter and taught her how to style and properly care for natural hair. She also helped her with preparing for a speaking engagement. Can we say money well spent? She really helped Lexi with finding her voice and message for her speaking engagement. When it was time for her to speak at the event the crowd was blown away. If I could give 10 stars I would, they are simply the best. Everyone at the salon is lovely! CHECK THIS PLACE OUT! IT'S WORTH IT!

Monica/Lexi P's mom (Culanistas)








Few people actually think like true entrepreneurs. There is a difference between creating a job for yourself and creating a business. 


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