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1) MONTH 1 - Take Stock and Brighten Up Your Life (4 tools)


1. Brighten up Your Life! Based on the Wheel of Life, get a visual snapshot of how happy you are with YOUR life, and what steps to take to brighten it up.

2. Coaching Goals Worksheet - What do you want to get out of this course? Identify 3 key goals to work on with during this program.

3. Take Stock and Take Action - Answer powerful questions to help you take stock of your current situation - FAST - then identify actions to get moving!

4. What Makes My Heart Sing? A great tool to start with and discover that what makes us happiest might just be on our doorstep!


2) MONTH 2 - Clearing out the Clutter (3 tools)



5. Energy Zappers - It's hard to love our life if we feel exhausted. What is zapping your energy? Help tyou pick one action to take right away to boost your energy.

6. Letting Go Exercise - People hang onto things which cloud their minds, drain their energy and prevent them from moving forwards. Identify what you're holding onto and why...

7. Detox Your Toxic Relationships! Help you bring awareness to and be intentional with who they spend your time, reducing time spent with toxic people.

8. Daily Success Habits - Small changes to your daily routine can make BIG changes in your life and career! You will identify 5 new daily success habits.



3) MONTH 3 - Setting up for Success (4 tools)

9. Identify Your Spark Team - Boost energy by identifying and beginning to create a team of people who encourage, inspire and support you!

10. 3 Month Vision Worksheet - Help you identify how you want your life to be in 3 months' time.

11. Next 3 Month Goals - Using everything you've learned about yourself in this program,  you will set 7 goals for the next quarter!

12. Program Review & Wrap-up (3 tools)