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Healthy Hair & Scalp Specialist


Healthy Hair & Scalp Certificate

Hair loss in women is more frequent than ever before. Environment, diet, stress, chemical processes and general state of being, can all affect the health of hair and scalp.

There are several types of hair loss in women, some temporary and others, permanent. The origin can be hereditary, hormonal, or directly linked to a health issue, medication, or even general anesthesia for surgery. Swift and proper identification of what’s causing the hair loss is the best way to avoid wasting time and money on ill-suited treatments. The key to decelerating hair loss is taking appropriate action as soon as possible.

There is no miracle cure, but there are solutions that may help balance the hair cycle and restore the healthfulness of the hair and scalp.

You will learn:

Consultation and examination


Thanks to a complete hair and scalp analysis, as a hair healthy hair expert you will assess and understand your client's situation. Carefully taking the time to ask all the necessary questions and provide all the answers your client might need, as a specialist you will confidently advise and recommend the appropriate treatment plan and products, that correspond to your client's condition.


Treatment plan

Following the consultation, you will propose a treatment program that focuses on correcting the targeted situation and restoring optimal hair and scalp health.

This planning will allow you to follow your client's progress and adopt a daily health routine.


Deep Cleansing


Developed to remove residues and impurities from the hair and scalp. Created to help better prepare the hair and scalp so they can absorb the nutritious elements included in your home care program, this treatment increases overall efficiency of the program.



Depending on the care your client needs, we will teach you how to carry out a measured application of the products in concordance with a series of actions according to the condition of the scalp. The treatments can be combined with the use of tools such as therapy lasers or supplements to optimize results.


Plan Follow-up


According to the program we’ve mapped out for you, you’ll be accompanied throughout the process to ensure the proper functioning of the treatment, that you’re satisfied and that the head’s health is optimal.

The course starts on March 17, 2020, and is included with all-access pass for $499 a month









Healthy Hair Management Systems

Intensive treatments to restore health, vitality, and shine to all hair types. Our fabulous hydrating treatments deeply conditions, leaving hair soft, lustrous, nourished and moisturized. In addition, dry and flaky scalps are left hydrated and pacified.

Custom Units Along With Scalp Care

Most high-quality wigs are designed to allow adequate airflow through the hairs and cap. Properly fitted wigs rarely add enough pressure to the follicles to cause hair loss. People experiencing hair loss with no other apparent cause may be wearing a poorly made or poorly fitted wig. Let us help you grow your hair back.

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