Dreadlock Certification

Requirements to Be a Certified Loctician

What does it take to become a loctician? Do you have to have a special license or training? This varies quite a bit by state in the US. Some states allow locticians to operate without a license, provided they are not offering hairdressing or some other service that does require a license. Others may require a braiding license or a full cosmetology license. Be sure to double-check on the rules in your state.

Once you’ve got your paperwork in order, you‘re going to need lots of hands-on experience, both to create a portfolio as well as to hone your techniques. A great way to do this is by enrolling in loctician’s certification course. With this certification you’ll learn about all sorts of techniques including braids, yarn braids and multiple types of twists. You’ll also learn how to deal with a dry scalp and how to treat some types of scalp diseases and disorders.

Train to Be a Certified Loctician

Does the idea of helping people look their best with beautiful natural hairstyles appeal to you? Becoming a certified loctician is a great way to go. Though formal training and certification is not always required, it is an excellent way to get the skills and experience you need to properly handle different hair types.

Check out the incredible online certification that we offer here at Zamora Natural Hair. With our training course, you‘ll learn everything you need to start helping people look and feel their best!

What We Teach

  • Several ways to start locs

  • Techniques for loc maintenance

  • Coloring & high lighting locs

  • Cutting locs

  • Installing loc extensions with synthetic or human hair

  • Making locs

  • Loc adornment & repair

  • Loc treatments & rinses

  • Updos and styling

  • Curl/ crimp & style locs

Course Details​​



We offer free training for those who are low-income ages 26 and under. Click here to apply