As your business strategist, Tonika will be a strong asset to you because she will hold you accountable for your own progress. She offers different perspectives to problems, guidance as well as challenges, and will observe objectively how a business operates and what can be improved.

Productivity is more than just performing your daily tasks. As your business consultant, she will improve all aspects of your business & personal life.

Here are some examples:

You will step out of your comfort zone. Performing tasks that make you uncomfortable are often tasks that will push your life & business into forward momentum. Performing these tasks will get easier with practice and will allow you to develop real-life relationships with other businesses. 

 Tonika will correct you as needed. As your consultant she doesn’t want to run your business; she wants YOU to become stronger in your ability to drive forward and she won’t be afraid to correct you if she sees a misstep. If you listen to Tonika’s advice, you will become more effective in your leadership skills as well as your business skills.

You’re more likely to accomplish goals when you have guidance and accountability. Your personal & business life will run more smoothly. Tonika will see through her objective third party lens where your operations can use improvement. That may mean automating certain aspects or hiring a virtual assistant to handle certain tasks. When your business runs effectively, everyone around you is happy. Effective operations also allow your assistants or employees to be more productive because they have the proper tools to complete their jobs.

 You’ll learn how to transform your ideas into reality. Instead of keeping all your product ideas stuck in your head, unable to decide which one to develop, Tonika will help analyze your ideas and ask questions about the viability and effectiveness of each product. She will also guide you through the production process to complete your product quickly and cost-effectively.

Smart business owners know they can’t know everything about every subject, especially if they have no experience in running a business. This is where a smart business consultant can become the business’ top asset, guiding you to financial success. 

There is no better way for Tonika to help you reignite the fire in your business than by starting a consulting session. 

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Designed for those who want to increase their performance and productivity through coaching and support. These clients value clarity, regular accountability, inspiration and discussions regarding their obstacles. The meaningful support of regular meetings ensures that progress is maximized. 

This is exactly what you need if you want to make a major change in your life in order to  give your life more meaning,

find your purpose and your own path in life so that you take your business, social, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels of happiness and satisfaction to areas never known to you before.

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