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Zamora Natural Hair Chronicles is where we talk about all things related to natural hair., braids, & locs. The show is recorded live on Facebook and is unedited.

How to Boost Your Business With Online Content



With the Internet, reaching potential customers has become easier than ever before. Search engines, social media, podcasts and video gives your company access to a massive market of consumers.


One of the best long-term methods to reach the natural hair, braid, & loc market is through publishing content online. Being a part of the NATURAL HAIR CHRONICLES builds your company’s authority, brand awareness, and sales.


By reaching communities through content, your business can create brand advocates who will purchase your products for years, as well as recommend your products to their friends and family. They might learn from your blog or social media content, share your products to their followers, or make a purchase when you announce a new product line.


If you are a guest on the podcast your content can be posted on your website or repurposed across platforms. It can be sent directly to your audience’s email inboxes.


Content from the NATURAL HAIR CHRONICLES will help your business get:


  • Increased exposure

  • Stronger brand awareness

  • Visibility and authority


This content is the versatile engine to run the online marketing of your business.


Here’s what you need to know when working with Zamora


  1. We lead with value. Giving value (free information, advice, tips) builds the credibility of your business and keeps your company at the front of consumer’s minds.

  2. We map the customer journey. Content marketing is storytelling that brings customers through different stages:


  • Awareness. This is the stage when potential customers learn about you and your business. Lead customers from this “Awareness” stage to the next stage with a call-to-action to subscribe to your newsletter.  At this stage, the content can be:

    • A podcast episode

    • An email

    • A post on social media

    • A banner on out website

  • Consideration. At this stage, potential customers already know about you and would consider buying from you. They are already in our circle. Content can be half educational and half promotional. You’ll reach customers at this stage via podcasts.

  • Decision. At the decision stage, customers trust your business and are considering making a purchase from you. Content here isn’t to educate or build brand awareness. It’s to address the benefits of your products or services. At this stage, the call-to-action leads the customer to either make a purchase or start a free trial via emails.

  1. Create a strategy. A strategy is essential to ensure we reach your goals.

  • What is your goal when becoming a sponsor?

  • How are you going to achieve your goals?

  • For every platform, set an audience intent. 

  1. Interact with your community. Use this content as a way to interact with and engage your community! Make them feel like they are part of something
    Partnering with Zamora will help you create content that gets them involved with what you stand for. Post-community-generated content.


  2. Become a category leader. You can also use this sponsorship/partnership to distinguish your business in your industry. How is your business different from the rest, and how can you create content that reflects that?

When you are educational and helpful, customers move through the customer journey. When you go beyond publishing content about your products, customers start to see you as a part of their everyday lives beyond your products or services.


Social media gives us free access to a massive market. Through shareable content, you can build a timeless brand awareness that goes beyond the products you sell today.


 We have some new and old additions coming for the new season. This includes new segments of shop talk with The Kenzie Bee, guest appearances from other professionals in the natural hair industry. It's going to be fun and informative. If you are in need of opportunities to promote your business or services you should become a sponsor. And expose your product or service to thousands of new humans.


Sponsorship includes:

A combo of one 15-second preroll & one 60-second midroll

4 posts on the Zamora Facebook page

1 email blast

 Banner on our home page for 30 days

 The cost for 1 sponsorship package is $799


You can become a member sponsor for $199 a month minimum 4 months and be a guest on the podcast

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