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Our hybrid natural hair, braid, & loc classes are designed for all learning styles. Online, hands-on, & work to learn (apprenticeship). You have the option of coming into classes or just logging in live online. To attend an actual class each student must be paid in full so it is best to plan ahead for the dates that coordinate with you being paid in full if you are on a payment plan.

Natural Hair & Braids Session/Book Work

​Wednesday - Friday 4 pm to 7 pm EST

  • Career options for natural hair

  • Infection control principles & practices

  • The basic principals for professional & personal success

  • The professional consultation

  • Client management

  • The Professional Consultation

  • How Hair Types and Structures Differ

  • Hair and Scalp Diseases and Disorders

  • Shampoos, Conditioners, Herbal Treatments and Rinses

  • Managing textured hair


Natural Hair & Braids Workshop

Saturday 10 am to 7 pm EST

  • Rod set

  • Double twist

  • Flat twists

  • Braid Individual braids with & without extensions

  • Feed-in cornrows (no knot cornrows)

  • Crochet ​

  • Twist extensions/kinky twists/passion twists/Senegalese

  • Faux locs/ goddess locs/silky locs

Loc Workshop 

Sunday 10 am -7 pm EST

  • Shampooing locs

  • Starter Locs with comb coils, two strand twists, & interlocking

  • Loc treatments & rinses

  • Loc maintenance with palm roll, interlocking, & comb twist

  • Cutting locs

  • Curl/ crimp & styling locs

Loc Workshop

Monday 10 am to 7 pm

  • History & why people loc

  • Creating your brand & business as a loctician

  • Coloring & highlighting locs

  • Loc adornment & repair

Time to practice on a mannequin or live model

Tuesday 10 am to 7 pm

THE SCHEDULE FOR 2021​ (Dates are subject to change)

Laurel, Maryland USA

February 17- 23

May 19- 25

August 18-24

November 10- 16


Atlanta, Georgia USA

October 30 - Nov 1

The Details:

  • You must reserve your spot 14 days in advance

  • No shows will not be allowed to take any other hands-on classes. If you need to cancel please notify us 3 days in advance

  • Students must be paid in full to attend hands-on workshops

  • Includes online access to all video recordings of past classes 

  • Certification is awarded after completion of online portion

  • Includes work to learn program (apprenticeship)which starts on the first of the month, every 3 months

  • If you cannot attend a hands-on workshop you will have the opportunity to log in live online or watch the recordings

  • No class is mandatory. Attend the classes you feel you need

  • If there is a government shutdown hands-on workshops will be live online

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